Why You Need to Visit a General Dentist

Today, there are so many different health care professionals that can help you with a simple dental health problem. While having all of these choices are great, there are times that you may be in a better position if you decided on only one dental professional to turn to when you need help. When it comes to dentistry, there are several specialised fields, and each dentist is capable of performing a multitude of tasks. There reasons why you should consider going to a general dentist over all the other professionals in this field.

Treating a cavity

When you have a cavity, it can hurt badly. Usually, a general dentist can fill the hole with metal like gold, porcelain, a composite resin that is tooth coloured and forms a hard barrier so you can eat and drink normally. Treating cavities require the dentist to do a minor drilling and that usually scares people the most. The drilling is followed up with the washing that flushes the area out, and cleansing with an antiseptic to remove all bacteria. Finally, it will require the particular substance to be placed into the tooth and then allowed to harden.

Cavity prevention

Going to a general dentist for cavity protection is important. Usually, the dentist cleans your teeth and places fluoride on the teeth, to ensure added strength. Without tooth prevention procedures and techniques, you may find your teeth weak that break easily and decay faster. Ensure that your teeth are healthy by keeping good oral health habits.


It is not always possible to prevent tooth decay or crowding of the teeth. In both of these situations, it may be necessary to remove a tooth. You can count on a general dentist to perform this task. It is not always fun to have a tooth pulled by a dentist, but the fact remains that sometimes teeth have to come out. Your dentist won’t just yank the tooth out, they will first numb the area with a local anaesthetic, and while the area is still numb, the tooth will be extracted. There is minimal bleeding for a couple of days, but your dentist will give you complete instructions on proper oral care.

Fitting veneers

Sometimes people want a whiter smile than what they already have. A dentist places special tooth veneers to create a brighter whiter smile. You need to visit your dentist so that x-rays of your teeth can be taken. The dentist then cleans the teeth and sands down a portion of the tooth to remove the first layer of enamel for better bonding of the veneers. A replica of your mouth is made to ensure a correct fit. Next, veneers are custom-designed for your requirement as different individuals have a different alignment. The coverings are then placed on and held in place with resin glue that holds for a long time.

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