Why Should Children Have a Hearing Test?

The hearing is a critical function which helps us develop speech and language skills apart from helping us communicate our thoughts and feelings. Children use the sound around them as soon as they are born to develop their cognitive function, so a child’s hearing is of the utmost importance. If you have doubts about your child’s hearing ability, it is time to have their hearing tested.

Why should your child have a hearing test Adelaide?

Losing your hearing is a scary thought. However, hearing impairment can be treated if intervention starts in the early stages. If disability goes undetected, it may be too late for solving it and may result in permanent loss of hearing. At times, parents may dismiss their child’s hearing problem because they respond well to sounds and voices.

However, the child might have a mild hearing loss which still needs attention. An audiologist will be able to provide you options such as digital hearing aids which will help your child deal with his or her hearing difficulties effectively.

Hearing loss indicators – find out if your child needs a hearing test

It is likely that a newborn might suffer from hearing problems if the mother had Rubella, viral infection or consumed alcohol during pregnancy. If the infant fails the hearing screening test, had meningitis or was in the neonatal intensive care unit for over five days, he or she might suffer from hearing loss. Up to six months of age, the baby should be monitored to respond to unexpected loud noises or the soothing of a voice.

If these reflexes are not apparent, a doctor should be consulted to assess any possible hearing problems. In infants, look out for their alertness to various sounds, inability to imitate familiar sounds or response to voices of family members. Children between the ages of two and four years are tested using conditioned play audiometry (CPA).

It is important for children to get a hearing test Adelaide before they go to school. Even if you have not checked for all these signs but still believe that your child does not hear normally, you should have your child’s hearing tested by an audiologist.

The screening test is the first step to determine if your child is indeed suffering from hearing loss. The next step is to find an appropriate treatment option for the condition depending on the type and severity of the problem. You could even visit an otolaryngologist who is a physician specialising in ear, nose, and throat disorders.