What to look for in a Composite Deck

Composite decking offers a low maintenance and highly durable alternative to cedar. It has become popular over the years, and most home owners find themselves getting composite decking Adelaide. It has led to a considerable growth in the composite deck market over the last decade or so and the trend is expected to remain the same.

Composite decks are usually from wood fibres encased in plastic and what makes it appealing is that it offers more durability and protection from elements such as weather more than cedar. However, not all composite decks are equal in quality. The quality usually differs from one deck to another who is dependent on several factors. Below are several factors that you should consider.

Wood-to-plastic ratio. This wood-to-plastic ratio can vary significantly. Some manufacturers use an equal blend of plastic and wood, while other brands contain up to 70 percent wood. Having a higher wood level is not usually advantageous since it means that the final product will be susceptible to rot and mould.

Recycled materials. Some manufacturers often go an extra mile in ensuring that their products are eco-friendly by using recycled plastic and wood, however not all companies use these materials. Some manufacturers can use up to 100 percent recycled materials while other use 100 percent virgin materials. You can always ask your manufacturer what type of stuff they use for their products.

Plastic model. The kind of plastic used is also a major consideration that should not ignore. Composite desks made from recycled materials should contain high-density polyethene (HDPE) plastics. These plastics should come from heavy materials such as soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent containers. These are because these plastics do not disintegrate as quickly as other weaker plastics, resulting in a durable deck.

The composite decking contractor. When selecting a composite decking Adelaide contractor, there are several questions which you should ask your contractor. Among these issues include the experience and track record. Such information can be accessed by seeking the advice of previous clients who had previously worked with the contractor.

Type of warranty. You should also consider these when selecting the contractor. Most composite deck warranties can range from 10-20 years guarantee on materials with a lifetime warranty. You should find out what kind of covers the warranty offers such as termite damage, splintering and checking. Also, see whether actions such as painting can affect your warranty.

The degree of fading. The level of fading mainly depends on the quality of materials used. Composite decks fade when exposed to sunlight. Manufacturers combat this by adding UV protection.