Why Get a Gas Log Fireplace

There is nothing as romantic than spending quality time in front of an open fireplace. There are a particular atmosphere and chemistry that is created with the look of an open fire, an appeal that just isn’t not there with a traditional gas heater. Unfortunately, exposed fireplaces are not sometimes practical. If you need a substitute, then look no further and consider the gas log fires.

Many people want that visual appeal of sitting in front of an open fire, but the work and mess associated with real combustion can be enough to turn some individuals right off. However, worry not as there are several benefits you get by installing the gas log fire instead

Cost Effective

While a log effect gas fire is more expensive to purchase when compared to an ordinary fireplace, the cost benefits are there to be reaped over the long term. The only long-term cost is for the use of gas.

It might seem cheaper to collect your wood for a reliable fuel heater, but if you take into account the time that it takes to gather, cut, and store wood it works out cheaper to use gas. The gas heaters work well on the bottle or natural gas, although natural gas is slightly less expensive than bottled gas.


The most prominent advantage of installing a gas log effect is that no mess needs to be cleaned now and then. There is no filthy wood to be moved through the home, and there is no smoky smell penetrating the home. No ash residue seems to land everywhere in the house where the fire is located. Also, you need not have a designated wood storage area somewhere in the backyard which means you save on space.

Instant Heat                                                                                         

Unless you have the fire going all through the night, it can take some time for a solid fuel fire to be effective in heating a room or the entire house. On the other hand, the gas heaters provide instant heat when it is required. They are also advantageous for trans-seasonal periods. These are seasons where it may be cool enough to need a small amount heating but not cold enough for a full fire.


The log effect gas fires are designed to be very appealing. They come in an extensive variety of designs and styles including in-built and stand alone. They also come in a range of colours which means that you can get one that matches the decor of your room. They can be installed in modern homes or period style homes without looking out of place.

Now, when it comes to installing the Gas log fires, it is evident that it is not a DIY job and there is a need to hire the best experts who will supply and install the heating system. To be sure of professionals, consider log fires – by GasWorks.net.au. They have the best gas log fires systems and will ensure that you get a system that matches your needs and one that offers you the best heating options. All their products are very affordable, and they also provide installation services to make the whole process easy for you. Give them a call and have your gas log fire installed.