Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Anyone planning a wedding will know that the process can be completely overwhelming, with so many things to think about, from the guest list to the table decorations and everything in between. However, if you can get the basics organised, this can relieve the pressure. The venue is a major consideration that will set the scene for all the other decisions you make. One of the main factors is capacity, so if you know how many people are on your guest list, you can start the hunt for your perfect venue with that in mind. If you have an idea of how formal or relaxed you would like the setting to be, that is a great starting point for making a decision.

While the traditional wedding venue is in the bride’s hometown, modern weddings often take place wherever the couple lives or at a location that has happy memories or special significance for the couple. Many couples do not want to share their wedding day with another party, so it’s worth checking whether you can have exclusive use of your chosen venue and be aware that this might come at a price.

If you pick a venue in a city, you will need to think about whether there will be ample parking for everyone you are inviting and check whether public transport links will offer suitable flexibility about timing on your big day. For more rural locations, you should bear in mind that it might be harder for your party to get to your wedding if your venue isn’t near a station or bus service, so consider laying on transport from a nearby town or helping your guests to organise lift sharing where possible.

Another thing to consider when selecting wedding venues Adelaide is whether the people you want to invite will be able to get to your wedding on time from their homes and whether they will need to stay overnight, either the night before the ceremony, the night after or both. Many marriages will take place in a venue that has rooms you can pre-book for your guests at a discounted rate, but if you are choosing a venue that doesn’t have accommodation attached, it is worth checking that there is somewhere close by where your friends and family can stay.

You should also consider the end of your wedding day. Some couples want their reception to go on for as long as their guests can carry on dancing, in this case, it will be important to check whether there are any licensing restrictions. Venues with close neighbours might have stricter regulations about early nights, whereas somewhere secreted away in the countryside with nobody to complain about noise for miles around will probably be a bit more flexible. For the best wedding venues, take a look on this website.