What is a Bullnose Verandah and Why Consider Installing It?

bullnose verandahs AdelaideOne of the most famous types of verandah you find in Australian homes these days is a bullnose variety. Interestingly, the bullnose verandah is no stranger to the country’s history. The first ones appeared during the Victorian Period and had since become a staple in the country. It is a distinctive home addition, thanks to its corrugated sheeting making up the roof, combine with lacework usually made from cast iron.

Bullnose verandahs Adelaide offer premium aesthetics to a home, which is why they remain trendy even after over a century of existence. Likewise, it is a type of verandahthat is not only about visuals since it also serves an important function, which in this case is to protect you from the weather and outside elements.

If you are wondering what you will gain from installing a bullnose verandah at home, then you must read on.

1 – It helps reduce your electric bill.

Wherever you live in Australia, there is no escaping the rising cost of electricity. It is why homeowners like you go the extra mile to find ways to save on electricity as much as possible. Well, if you have a verandah installed in front of your home, it helps cool down your interior by preventing the heat of the sun from penetrating during the summer months. As a result, you do not have to use your air conditioner and turn it up high all the time.

2 – Bullnose verandahs Adelaidecontribute to insulation.

Another compelling argument why you should consider installing a bullnose verandah on your property is that it helps in improving home insulation. The curved design of the structure effectively cuts off direct sunlight as well as extreme weather into the rooms in your house. As a consequence, your rooms situated behind the verandah maintains a comfortable atmosphere all year round.

3 – It adds value to your home.

Anyone who is familiar with a bullnose verandah knows that its main selling point is its aesthetics. In other words, people choose to have it built in their homes because it adds value to their property. Although it is an old design for modern times, there is something distinctive in it that makes it appealing to anyone who passes by your house. If you intend to sell your property soon, the addition of a verandah will undoubtedly give you leverage in the asking price. It would be difficult for the potential buyer to haggle since the verandah on its own is valuable enough.

4 – It is a functional structure.

Do not forget that a verandah is a structure you build for a practical objective. It gives you an extra versatile space for different purposes. Some people use it for entertainment while others install a verandah to become a place of relaxation.